The hypnosis program at the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training moves faster than most other hypnosis courses, with more material covered in a shorter time. By the time they completely fulfill their graduation requirements, our Academy graduates have invested the equivalent of 120-150 hours in their training. Approximately 85-90 of those hours are spent in class.

Certainly the more hours one studies hypnosis, the better. At some point, however, we have determined that an individual must "leave the learning nest" and begin conducting actual unsupervised hypnosis sessions. Experience has shown that our students are capable of conducting hypnosis very competently after completing our training course.

Even though sharing the same marvelous profession, bitter arguments and rivalries sometimes exist between various hypnosis groups and schools as to how many hours a student must train before receiving certification. It is certainly an issue of concern. No universal guidelines exist for the training of hypnotists. Each hypnosis association chooses its own guidelines, as well what titles it bestows on its graduates.

There is no national licensing of hypnotists, and even though a few groups or hypnosis schools would like to make it seem as though they are the chosen authorities in the field, this is simply not so.

None of the existing hypnosis associations of which we are aware is operated by the corporate body of its members. Instead, these groups are run by one or more individuals, often for profit, and follow the agendas of the people who run them.

In spite of this, the great majority of hypnosis organizations are excellent and most of their leaders are very well-intentioned. We count a number of them among our friends, and hope for the day when all hypnosis groups can work together in harmony and mutual support towards our common aim of helping people.

The dilemma remains: how many hours of education does one need before one can practice hypnosis competently without supervision? Some organizations believe that hypnosis can be taught in a weekend. Others demand many hundreds of hours of expensive study, with months of internship; some even include topics such as handwriting analysis or astrology to help fill the required hours. Our course offers a balance between the two extremes.

Each hypnosis association bestows its own arbitrary titles or degrees. These titles and degrees have little meaning outside the various organizations. Some titles are truly indicative of an individual's credentials and study. Others are embarrassingly self-inflating and scorned by the academic world. It is important for the prospective student to be discriminating.

We are friendly with a number of hypnosis organizations and schools who approve of our training. The Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training has elected to affiliate with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).

Here's why: NGH is the world's largest professional hypnosis organization. In our opinion, this organization offers the most benefits to its members of any hypnosis group.

  • Among its offerings:

    • a supportive and world-wide hypnosis network of thousands of professionals in our field, including the world's top hypnotists;
    • two hypnosis conventions a year, offering a superior continuing education program;
    • constant monitoring of legislation concerning hypnosis;
    • counsel regarding legal advice, if needed;
    • members receive quality magazines, opportunity to participate in insurance plans and other discounts, useful information and much more.
  • ​NGH has determined that 100 hours is sufficient to train new hypnotists, and awards graduates with the title "Consulting Hypnotist." Our Academy requirements, lessons and course material far surpass those requested by NGH. The learning doesn't stop when you graduate. Continuing education is a yearly requirement for maintaining NGH certification.
  • Hypnosis is a field in which even the experts admit that no one has yet learned all there is to know. The majority of our students continue their education and exploration in this magnificent field. Attending the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training is simply the first step of a magnificent journey!


  • Students must also be aware of what state licensing really means. Some hypnosis schools imply that they are superior because they are state licensed. Such licensing came about to protect citizens from being ripped off by unscrupulous & dishonest characters. While it assures a student that they will receive what they have contracted for as far as hours, price, etc., it has no bearing on the quality of hypnosis training the student receives. The state has no way of determining this.

  • Although we are aware of excellent hypnosis schools which are licensed by their various states, state licensing does not and cannot indicate how thorough, expert or advanced the course is. It simply means that these hypnosis schools have been willing to go through a lot of complex and very expensive red tape required to get a license, and may thus be labeled a vocational or post-secondary school. Some approved schools are actually only weekend courses! Once certification is obtained, it is costly and difficult to change curriculum or add on new teachers. In our view, it would limit the expanding and ever-new information we like to offer. Because we have not made the decision at this point to obtain state certification, the law requires us to offer our course only as an adjunct to one's current profession. We would suggest this in any case. A full-time hypnosis practice takes years to build, and requires marketing savvy. It is similar to opening a new restaurant. We recommend that all students "keep their day job," and use hypnosis as a complement to what they are already doing, whether they are in the fields of medicine, mental health, counseling, body work, teaching, or a similar profession.

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