Schools offering vocational training for a distinct career are required either to be licensed by the state as vocational schools, similar to the licensing a college has, or to use specific language in their advertising. This is why we have been careful to offer our course in hypnosis only as an adjunct to your current profession.

One particular association, for whatever motive, took it upon themselves to "report" a number of schools like ours to the state of Arizona; the state, in turn, had no choice but to serve notice that
our classes were not totally in compliance with very complex requirements of the state, despite being taught by a recognized leader in the field of hypnosis for over 17 years, despite attracting high-level students from all over the world, and despite what we believed to be careful, lawful, and honorable language in advertising.

Please note that we are currently making every effort to comply with state law. Until we receive licensing from the state of Arizona, we may only offer this class as a workshop for people like physicians, massage therapists, counselors and psychotherapists, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, energy healers, clergy, teachers, and others to learn hypnosis to use as part of their current profession--which is, essentially, what we have been doing all along.

This entails specific language changes on our website. Although students who complete this class had in the past received what is known as certification as a consulting hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, we are no longer legally permitted to use the word "certification" until we are licensed. (Please note that there are no laws or regulations in the USA governing what certification in hypnosis entails. With a few local exceptions, anyone can call themselves a certified hypnotist, even those with virtually no training in the field.)

There are other important language restrictions. We are not permitted to state on our website, for instance, that we train people to become hypnotists; such language is only permitted for use by licensed vocational schools. It will take time to make the required revisions.

We have also needed to restructure the course. Rather than offering it as a nine-day intensive, it is now in the form of three 3-day workshops that will be held back-to-back. To graduate and receive  certificates and memberships, students must take all three consecutive workshops.

Please note that all class materials, topics, and awarded certificates will remain exactly what we had offered previously; it is only the language of advertising and the course structure that we are required to change.

We respect the state of Arizona, found their representatives to be professional and courteous, and we desire to be in compliance with the law. We are puzzled and saddened, however, that a group, apparently considering us competitors, took it upon themselves to attempt to put highly respected schools like ours out of business. Until our website is in conformity with these restrictions, we are not posting dates for new Arizona or California hypnosis classes.