Dear Friends,

Because we are in the business of empowering and helping people, we think our products and supplies should help the planet, too, and not create more environmental problems. Therefore, we are proud to announce that The Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training & Laughing Cherub Unlimited have gone GREEN!

We recycle!

Did you know that most plastics--the stuff that is used in binders, CD covers, pens and water bottles--are made from petroleum, the non-renewable substance whose spills wreak havoc in our oceans and over which wars are fought?

Saving the planet NOW is our priority. In keeping with this aim, we are now using (to the maximum degree possible) 100% recycled and 100% recyclable student binders, notebooks, script folders, and paper. Because we, like you, love our forests, we have also begun printing some materials on paper made from wheat, rather than trees.

Our new CD cases & labels are similarly 100% recycled and recyclable, and we urge people to send their used CDs to a CD shredding company.

Even the pens we give are students are made of mostly recycled materials or (partially) biodegradable corn material.

Filtered water is provided to all classes so that students can avoid using plastic bottles, which litter our landfills.

If you the environment is important to you, and are looking for a hypnosis school, we hope you will consider our training, which for over a decade has been turning out hypnotherapists who are becoming leaders in their field.

Thanks...and thank you for recycling!

Mary Elizabeth Raines, Director and Instructor



(c) 2010 by Mary Elizabeth Raines