Congratulations on your decision to enter the richly rewarding and exciting field of hypnosis! The incredible hypnosis program we offer at the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training will not only train you thoroughly in how to be a superior hypnotist; it will also change your life.

That is because hypnosis is a win-win field. While graduates of our hypnosis workshops and classes usually experience their greatest joy in empowering and helping others, they also learn how to apply the profound tools they have studied for their own self-improvement. I like people in general, but I especially love my fellow hypnotists, because they are among the most healed, healthy and generous people on our planet.

Today you and I are standing on the threshold of an explosion of interest in hypnotism. The world is ripe for all we have to offer. Many people, like me, become hypnotists because they truly want to give something of value to help. At our hypnosis school, the emphasis is on providing you with the solid tools to do just that.
Think of the incredible exhilaration you will have when you realize that just one person has lived longer because s/he was able to stop smoking with your help!--when a student passes a critical exam with your assistance!--when an athlete or performer experiences the triumph of a lifetime because of you!--when a person in chronic pain is finally relieved!--or even when an audience has great fun watching an expert stage hypnosis show! Every working hypnotist has a long, long list of such successes.
Even practiced as an avocation, hypnosis can be very rewarding to the pocketbook. Hypnotherapists today charge more than $100  per session. Such fees are quite reasonable considering how quickly hypnosis helps clients to achieve their goals. The tuition investment you make when you choose to study hypnosis, even for the hobby hypnotist, is often returned in a surprisingly short time.
I am thrilled to have the opportunity of participating in such a profound, joyous and amazing profession, and to be able to share knowledge freely with my students. Teaching hypnosis continues to excite and enthuse me, and I look forward to seeing your excitement and enthusiasm emerge! Thanks so much for considering the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training!

Warm regards,
Mary Elizabeth Raines, Director

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